Goops Tales is an interactive storytelling platform designed to ignite children’s imaginations everywhere. Each Goop character lives in its own personal web page that features original stories about that Goop written by Maria Calanchini of

This is where you come in: each story is only half finished, so it’s your job, dear reader, to write an ending for the tale yourself. Once you’ve finished your brilliant ending, you can submit it on the Goop Tales website where it will be posted so your friends, family and fellow Goop lovers can enjoy your creative ideas. The endings are endless! For those who want to read a complete version of each Goop Tale, the full stories are also available on Amazon.

In addition, on each Goop’s page, you will find that character’s personal tale in a downloadable PDF format, plus an interactive flipbook with videos. The first five Goop Tales are available on Amazon and will soon become available in audio book format – get notified of the latest Goop Tales as they are released by subscribing at the top of this page! Follow the Goops below to read the first five Goop Tales.