Which Will be the Next Goop?

Decide what goop will be feature in the next podcast or submit your own suggestion!

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Pick Your Goop To Begin The AdVenture

The Goops are the oddly adorable characters that were created by Gelett Burgess to teach children manners. Each Goop is named after the naughty habit of a child. For example; Gablia likes to talk too much when no one listens, Fibius tells little fibs, Dowanto always says “I don’t want to” and Nibolene is constantly nibbling away at food outside of meal times. I think you get the point! Once upon a time the Goops were widely known but as time marched on and trends changed the Goops seemed to fade into the background. In my humble opinion the Goops are far too marvelous to just fade away so I am on a mission to bring them back to life in a new and modern way.
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We all have a little goop inside us, do you dare to wear yours?